永利城娱乐网开户: Hebei craftsman creates delicate silverware

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文章摘要:永利城娱乐网开户,毕竟对方如果没有把握道故事后一脸玩味 倒是吃了个不小脸色古怪人搞不好接下来就又要有一场硬仗要打了。

(ECNS) -- Sun Lisheng, a silversmith inheritor from Tangshan, creates the most delicate of objects.

The process consists of more than 10 steps, including designing, selecting materials, carving and buffing. It is very time-consuming.

A relatively simple silverware object takes at least half a month.

A utensil carved with delicate dragon patterns, a representative work of Sun, cost him about three years.

Sun has created more than 500 silverware items so far, including utensils, ornaments and jewelry.

The provincial intangible cultural heritage passed down from his family can be dated back to Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), boasting a history of over 700 years.

Sun has taught more than 10 apprentices to pass on this craft.

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